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  1. I feel like I should explain my religious stance since I brought it up so briefly on twitter. I believe in freedom of religion. I was raised catholic, but do not follow that way anymore. I believe in the power of people. I believe in the necessity of nature and the need for our planet to be healthy. I believe in the amazingness that is human consciousness, imagination and achievement. I do not believe in or like proselytizing, especially when done to people who are trapped somehow and are forced to listen (ie. subway train cars). I do not believe in forcing my beliefs on another. I believe in the golden rule and try to follow it even if I fail sometimes. I believe in kindness to others, even if I do not agree with them. I often fail at that, but I keep trying. And last, but hardly least, I believe in love. 

    Hope that clarifies my irritation with an atheist proselytizer on my subway train car tonight.

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